Market Report - Why buy in Portugal ?

Market Report - Why buy in Portugal ?

The combination of golden beaches, superb restaurants, and facilities to suit all ages, make Portugal an unequalled by many other desinations worldwide .


The outstanding life style available in the Algarve intices many people from around the world. By investing in property and being able to enjoy the superb all year round sunshine, the outdoor activities, with top class golf courses add to the desire to make their dreams come true. 


Market Growth


Over the past 4 years there has been a steady increase in the number of properties being sold, with a significant increase towards the back end of 2015. The increase in demand has been generated, not only by the desire to own property in such a beautiful country, but also by the attractiveness of the tax benefits and incentives currently on offer. 


Families looking for holiday homes and couples looking to retire add to the list of the many people visiting the Algarve, Many are encouraged by a stronge Sterling and Swiss Franc rate of exchange against a weakening euro. Purcahsing opportunities have never been better and interest in property continues to rise.